About Me

When my husband was deployed during our engagement we wrote letters. Dozens and dozens of lovely letters. I keep them in a special box in the closet. Every once in a while I take one out and pour over the words. Those letters contain secrets, promises, struggles, tears, and overwhelming hope. They are one of my greatest treasures. I signed them:

Sewing is a lot like writing a letter to someone you love; it can be well thought out or the product of a sudden whim, a long process or a quick piece, and you always pour a little bit of yourself into it. 

Liz Brown is a modern sewist and quilter who specializes in quilts for babies and toddlers and also sews children's clothing and costumes. She grew up in a small village in New Hampshire and is a dog and baby person. Currently she lives in Annapolis, Maryland, although she loves change and is constantly looking forward to wherever the Navy will send her family next. Her favorite drink is Prosecco and she is kind of an pizza snob. She is well known amoung her friends for her smaller talents of remembering song lyrics, picking really good tasting fruit at the grocery store, and taking jokes just a little too far.

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