Sunday, January 12, 2014

New-ish quilts in the shop

Well, there went November and December. In November I added a couple new quilts to the shop that I wanted to share with you. Both use fabrics from Cloud 9, an organic fabric company. I love to use their fabrics because they are so soft and the designs from their artists are gorgeous.

This peach baby quilt features fabrics from their Maman and Nursery Basics collections and the binding is from their Beyond the Sea line. I love the pretty illustrations of flowers and the little girls. It's so sweet. The co-founder of Cloud 9, Michelle Engel Bencshko, used her grandmother's artwork as the basis for the collection, which is why it's so beautifully and timelessly vintage.

It's in my shop now.

I first saw this triple helix quilt design from Deanna at Zuzuberry. She made her quilt for the birthmother of a child they were hoping to adopt. Hers is beautiful and I'm sure the birthmother loved it.

Another one of these will definitely be on my sewing table soon. I'd love to try it with my Briar Rose layer cake but I need to sort it by hue to make sure it will work. With this one I didn't have enough brown fabrics so I had to use some white prints with brown prints. It works ok but doesn't flow quite as well as the original.

Since I pinned Deanna's quilt on Pinterest it's been repinned nearly 1000 times! I can see why- it was so easy to put together and is visually striking. This one is also available in my shop here.

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