Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 Costumes

Did you guys have a great Halloween? My feet are killing me! We trick-or-treated until Adam asked to go home. Probably didn't help that I forgot about dinner beforehand; oops! We all dressed up as parts of a fairy tale this year; it was Adam's idea. He picked what everyone would be and I sewed the costumes. Would you like to see?

For my dress I used New Look pattern 6156 (which I have sewn before) and simply added 14" of length onto the skirt. Then I sewed two 44" diameter half circles of blue satin together, leaving a hole, flipped it right side out, stuffed it with some netting, and sewed the top, with some pleats for fullness, to a "belt" I'd made using the same blue satin and some ribbon with snaps in the front.

Jonathan's dragon costume was a thrift find since he did not want to wear the dragon cape I made him. In fact, I can't get Adam to wear it either so you may find it in my shop soon. The cape was really easy to make and, I think, really cute. I used this tutorial with some minor alterations. I added a seam down the back that I sewed dragon spines and a little pair of wings into. The finish the edges I used bias tape and left a some dangling in the front to tie at the neck.

Tom and Adam wore the same tunic just different colors and sizes. There is a 6" slit in the back neck for ease of getting it on and off. You can create it by tracing the sleeves and torso of a shirt that fits your subject a little loosely. Sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulders, then sew the sleeves to the shirt, and lastly, sew up the side of the shirt and down the sleeve. Et voila: a shirt! Or you can pick up a simple shirt pattern at JoAnn's. They have 99 cent pattern sales every so often. Probably easier that way.

The double-headed eagle is, apparently, the family crest of the Brown family. I used Heat N' Bond iron on adhesive- my first time! Transferring the cutout was really easy but you can't sew through it and I was going to do a contrasting border. Not a big deal, though.

Adam's shield was his goodie bag for candies. It was not big enough. But it functioned well enough and he's been playing with it today so I will count it a good use of nap time sewing. Bonus point- I got to use one of the decorative stitches on my machine for the silver embroidery!

Tom's and my crowns I based off of King Stefan's and Queen Leah's from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. I used this tutorial for instructions, with the minor change of using one piece of thicker foam instead of a few thinner pieces glued together. And I also only used hot glue to put everything together. I tried Gorilla Glue, but the foam wouldn't stay together during the drying time. I bought the larger crystals for my crown and the colored ones for Tom's from the same chandelier parts website she references in her post and then sparkled up my tiara with a bunch of rhinestones and jewels I bought in a package at JoAnn's.

Lots of little girls last night were giving my tiara googly eyes last night; it's probably my favorite thing I made for Halloween. I could definitely be into making these for party favors for a Princess birthday. It is so sparkly; I would have loved to have it when I was little.

Adam has already started planning next year's costumes. He is going to be a pirate and I, apparently, am going to be a flashlight. We will see...

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