Monday, September 17, 2012

A quick update

Here's an update on Adam's quilt. As you can see I made fake signal flag blocks (it's pretty bad when the Navy wife is too lazy to look in her kid's nautical ABC book). When Tom saw it he said some of them were actual flags so, HA! Anyway, I need to piece it together and add a row of sashing on the left and then figure out a back. I'm thinking about using that big beautiful sailboat print from Sarah Jane's Out to Sea collection and just have it sailing along the bottom back of the quilt with white going up the rest of the way.

And here are the boys hanging out this morning watching cartoons. It's cute how they already like to wrestle and goof around with each other.

I'm also working on three other baby quilts, two for girls, one "unknown". Fabrics for those include some Heather Ross, Sarah Jane (as mentioned above), and maybe some Denyse Schmidt. The big navy quilt for our bed was also dropped off with a long arm quilter on Sunday and I'm so excited to get it back and see how pretty it is and sleep under it! You know, in a few months.

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Sarah Jane said...

I absolutely ADORE your quilts that you made from my OUT TO SEA fabric. I was wondering if it is alright that I used your images for a blog post on my site featuring quilts made from the fabric line? I'm compiling my favorite FLICKR photos, and will take your images down if you dissapprove, but wanted to let you know that they are featured. Thanks so much for your incredible work!!! Do you work for hire? i'd love to have you sew for me sometime:) xoxo