Monday, July 23, 2012

Lion quilt

I actually had time to start and complete a quilt, you guys! It's a baby quilt, so it's small, but I'm just happy I got to be creative and myself for a few hours instead of a mom covered in spit and smelling like an unshowered hot mess with an extra 20 lbs. still clinging on for dear life... OH WAIT.

Also, Adam is being such a turd recently. Probably because the rain/intense heat kept us from being outside much in the past week, but knowing why doesn't help. Anyway, Adam = turd. Moving on.

 Isn't it cute? I saw a quilt with this idea and loved it so much I bookmarked it. When Brooke found out she was having a boy I knew it would be perfect for him! You can check out my tutorial for how to make this adorbs lion here.

I debated not doing the rosy cheeks because I was afraid it might look girly with them, but it doesn't. It just looks chipper!

There's a big pile of fabric for a quilt for our bed on my sewing table. Maybe I'll get to start on it sometime this week. And Adam is in a big boy bed now (instead of his tent, which was starting to smell), so I'll need to make a twin sized quilt for him, too! Guess it's time to start figuring out how to manage my time.


Becca said...

It's adorable. I know what you mean about finding crafty time for oneself. Mama needs a break!

Desiree said...

I saw a picture of this quilt on "In Color Order" and I think this is sooo cute! I would love to make it for a play quilt for my baby grandson. Could you email me where you got the pattern? davidndes(at)gmail(dot)com.

cauchy09 said...

cute quilt! can you link up to the one that inspired you? thanks!

Lizbeth Brown said...

Sure! I looked on her blog post about her quilt and she didn't say how she made it so I just had to wing it!

maritza said...

Hi! So happy that you deconstructed the lion quilt and made your own! It looks awesome! Smart to make it like a dresden. I used a slightly different method so that the whole thing is pieced and only the face is appliqued.
It would be nice to see the original quilt linked to in your post, especially since yours is so faithful to the original. Thanks!
And happy sewing!

Heather said...

This is adorable, I love how happy it is! :)

Anonymous said...

She did post a link to your quilt. I'm so happy she also posted how to make this quilt! I love her way, so cute! Such perfect fabric picks!! Love love love Lizzie's tutorial