Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rainbow skirt

It's springtime in Annapolis! I saw tiny indigo violets on my walk with Adam the other day. That means two things:
baby boy's birth day is getting close
it's time to make some cute kid's play clothes!

I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons I wanted a little girl was so I could sew her adorable clothes like this skirt:

I guess I'll just have to settle for Jon-jons and baby bloomers.

This piece has a special home with a very special little girl. She loves rainbows and has the sweetest heart.

I sewed 5" strips of rainbow color Kona cotton in between 4" strips of Sarah Jane's "On Parade" fabric. Then I basted the top layer to a plain white lining and pulled the thread to create the puckers and give it a rounder shape. It fastens with buttons that allow for the waistband to be adjusted as she grows.

I think it's pretty cute!

In other news, we had our 18-20 week OB appointment yesterday (at 30 weeks because of the move) and we got to see him! I've never had an ultrasound this late in a pregnancy, but he looks soo much like he could just be born tomorrow. I guess the technician was thinking along those lines, too, because she bumped up our due date to April 24! His original EDD was May 21, so he's eaten and grown his way up to be a whole month early; we'll see!

Look at this kid:

And hey- don't forget to enter the baby pool by leaving a comment here or on my facebook. Guess what his actual birthday and weight/length will be and if you're closest you will get a special handmade treat from me! Because he's so cool, he gives out presents on his birthday.

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erin said...

Wow, a month early... its totally throwing me off. I'm wondering if that will make him smaller or just as big, if that will make him late or early.
Love the skirt Liz!! Are you going to open up shop??