Saturday, December 3, 2011

Balboa Park & San Diego Zoo: We will miss you!

My favorite place to take Adam is San Diego is Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo. For the zoo I have a season's pass and Adam gets in for free, so we go anytime we want. The park is great because it has fountains, playgrounds and lots of fun, free things to do like the Botanical Gardens and the huge Koi pond in front of it.

Here are the two cool dudes at the Zoo last weekend:

Adam loves the kid's petting area of the zoo. He would make a great farm boy since he loves animals so much.

And here he is dancing to "I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas" at December Nights in Balboa park. Trying to find parking is crazy and there are SO many people, but we had a lot of fun listening to the music and trying the different foods in the United Nations part of the park. Adam loved looking at the Christmas lights and was always quick to point out dogs walking by with costumes on.

An hour and a half past bedtime and still going strong thanks to lots of cookies!

This is another San Diego park at the Cabrillo National Monument. It overlooks Southern California and Mexico on the left side, and on the right side is the huge expanse of the Pacific. If Adam were a little older he would love the tide pools there. Today there were having a WWII Pearl Harbor Air Raid reenactment that looked pretty cool, but we had to snag our Christmas pic and get out before Adam had a pre-nap meltdown.

There are a lot of things I'm going to miss about San Diego, but I'm really looking forward to moving to Annapolis! We're trying to get into the officer housing there so I'm hoping it will be super easy for Adam and I to make new friends.

Sixteen weeks down, 24 to go! I've been feeling little "Buzz" moving around in there for a couple weeks, but last night Tom felt him go bump for the first time. I think that, and seeing the baby on the ultrasound is really special for Tom since he missed most of my pregnancy with Adam. It also helps him feel more involved since it's not happening to him, you know? Growing a baby is such a weird thing. So many gross and crappy things happen to your body, along with all the excitement and fun shopping you get to do, I can't imagine what it would be like to not be the "host." I remember reading a blurb one time about a mom advising her newly married daughter not to point out anything negative about her body to her husband, because he isn't going to notice those things. It's comforting to know that even though I feel creaky and bloated and constipated and constantly hungry, Tom sees me the way I was four years ago (probably even a little better than that) before I'd had a baby and been a bruised-up toddler mom and wore stretchy pants 50% of each day.

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Charlotte Mathis said...

I'm so glad your have enjoyed your stay in California. I can't get over how grown up Adam is beginning to look. Annapolis will be a new adventure for your little family.