Sunday, November 13, 2011

Looking forward in the past week

Tom and I know we have so much for which to be thankful. We're moving next month and we don't even have to pack the boxes! Adam and I are going to stay with my parents before plane ticket prices get ridiculous before the holidays and Tom will follow once the movers have moved us out of the house, after Christmas. It's not the first time we've spent Christmas apart, but it's the first Christmas Adam is old enough to get excited and unwrap his own presents and do the holiday traditions with us. We'll make it work like we always do.

He's also super attached to his daddy, so being apart for a few weeks will be tough on him (and consequently, on me). But we have a trip to Disney planned once Tom joins us in Florida for his Christmas/birthday present.

We've been stocking up on winter clothing. I still have all my snow stuff, but I got a new pair of Sporto boots! Adam will probably need some boots and a hat (if we can get him to keep it on his head). I hope it snows at least a little in Annapolis so we can use all our new gear!

Hard to believe that guy is almost two!
And then there's this little critter who didn't get the memo that it's the second trimester now and I'm supposed to be feeling better. Thirteen weeks down, 27 to go!

So, our Christmas will be downsized and fragmented this year, but I kind of like it that way. Not the being apart from Tom part, but because of the move, we're prevented from going out and buying a ton of presents just to fill the space under the tree. It's nice to have one special gift for each of my guys and then a few extended family presents. Plus, I don't have to get out all the decorations!

And, if you're wondering, we'll be revealing the baby's gender at Christmas. So check back in then if you want to know!

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