Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday- 3

I started this one today! I'm not sure what it's going to "be", other than a quilt, but I've always wanted to try a lone star/diamond star type quilt and I found this quilt along and decided it was doable. I recently purchased some Living Elements (trying to find some in the blue, it's so pretty!) by Pat Bravo and Phillip Jacobs I found at the quilt shop down the road. To match I picked out some "Ice Peach" and "Salmon" kona cotton, along with some Speckles from the Happy Nursery collection of Cloud 9 and loved the sunny peachy look of it all. But I wanted some contrast, so I decided to add a pop of green and started with this avocado green (forget the name), but I think it's too dark so I'm opting for "Clive" by kona cotton instead (lighter, more yellow-y). It's going to be lovely and fresh!

Updates on what I was working on last week:

More chocolate kona for the Beyond the Sea quilt just came in the mail today, so now I can make some progress on that. The zig-zag crib quilt, girl's swoon quilt, Adam's Buzz quilt, the fire truck quilt, and my Aunt's quilt are all 100% DONE! See, I did do something this week! The boy's swoon quilt was also waiting on the chocolate kona, so I suspect I will have that done by next Wednesday fer sher. Adam likes his, and will sit smack dab in the center when I spread it out for him to play with.

(This is the hobble he does now. Not really sure where he got it, but it's perty funny.)

With my Aunt's quilt I had a spot of trouble:

I didn't anticipate the pleating to be a problem for the long arm, but, obviously it was. So I reinforced the stitching around the block, picked it out, and hand stitched it all back in place, pleated nicely the way my Mawmaw intended. I'm super excited about how this quilt turned out; it's definitely one of my favorites. I will post photos after she receives it in September, so as not to spoil the surprise :)

In the Skill Builder Sampler we did the Virginia Star block, which I think might be my favorite finished block so far! I love those Denyse Schmidt dots and the matryoshkas. I have a friend whose daughter used to say "So tute (cute)!" Well, I think this block is really "tute".

So, a final tally:

In progress: 3
Completed: 5!!
Started: 1
Ideas ruminating in my brain: 2

PS- I just got some of Sarah Jane's Children at Play line in the mail today and, as cunning as it looks online, it is even better in person! You should definitely order a few pieces and pre-order her Christmas children's book while you're at it. It looks smashing and adorable.

Let's both go see what everyone else is up to!
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Rylee Kettner said...

Love your lone star so far! I really like how you used the same green in the center, really ties the whole.thing together and makes it look cohesiv

Live a Colorful Life said...

the fabric in your skill builder block looks great! And so does your lone star.

Marg said...

Loe both your Lone Star block and your skill builder block.

Melinda said...

Love that Lone Star. What a great centerpiece to a quilt! And congrats on the finishes!

Toni said...

5 finishes! I think I would throw a party if I got 5 things done in a week! Everything looks great!

Jerimi said...

Beautiful work! I love your photo of "the hobble." That made me smile. :)

Cathy said...

Five finishes, that's fabulous!!! Give yourself a large pat on the back.

Lee said...

That Star of Virginia is the cutest one ever! Love your fussy cut center fabric. The Lone Star is going to be beautiful too. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )