Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On a Crazy Train

We've been watching Megamind.

I bet you'd like to get your hands on some of that cuteness, huh? Well, Tom won't let me sell Adam, but I can tell you where to get his shirt. It's from Dandelion Dream, a shop by my friend, Erin. She carves these wicked cool stamps, like the guitar on Adam's shirt and prints them on upcycled/organic tees that she's dyed herself! Very enterprising. Very cool. There are lots of handsome colors and designs and all for only $16! And you can feel even better about buying one (or two!) because the profits go directly to fund their adoption from the Congo.

Do it. Do it. 4 3 2 1. Now. Do it. Buy a shirt. Now.


A company for little birds young and old:) said...

LOVE it :)

Lizbeth Brown said...

It's easy to make all these cute handmade tees look great with all these beautiful chilluns we have, Grace!

erin said...

Yay, Love the shirt Liz! Adam looks too cute. I want to put together some pics of people wearing the tees. Can I use one of Adam's? He is definitely always a favored model. ;-)