Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Haircut

We had been talking recently about having Adam's hair cut. It was pretty shaggy and hung over his ears like silkyfine tentacles. A few days ago I suggested to Tom that I cut his hair. How hard could it be? It's not like he cares what he looks like. My suggestion was met with a "No way are you getting next to our son's head with scissors" look. So I dropped it. Then, this morning when we were at the Commissary, Tom said, "You know, I could just cut his hair." Sigh. "That's a good idea!"

My mom taught me two things about marriage I'll never forget. One of them was: if you want your husband to think your idea is a good idea, make him think it was his idea first.

So Adam got his hair cut after his nap this afternoon. Tom used a razor for the long pieces, and I trimmed around his neck and ears while he watched Mickey Mouse. I got a little carried away on those ear-hanging tendrils over the left ear, but the right side looks pretty good.

His big boy hair cut coupled with his transition to a bed from his crib yesterday is piling up in the mommy ventricle of my heart. It's getting a little heavy in there and, though I don't usually cry, I'm not making any promises. One more milestone and the dam is sure to leak!


An Army Family said...

Owen just had his 3rd haircut today and Landon has had ... a haircut at least a month since he was 1? And it still makes my heart well up a little. Something about a fresh haircut on a boy makes them look so grown up!

erin said...

Oh, he's growing up. He looks like a little boy with that hair cut! Noah is about to get a real professional "trim". He's been shaggy for a while, but I just can't cut the curls.