Friday, August 12, 2011

A couple blocks and some BIG news

This week for the Skill Builder Sampler we are sewing the Virginia Star. It's the introduction to flying geese, something I haven't made before. I was pretty excited since I've always liked the look of flying geese quilts but I never bothered to learn how to sew them. Leila suggested we take this square as an opportunity to use a big print fabric for the middle. Since my favorite fabrics tend to have large prints I had as difficult a time choosing as Adam does between jello and granola bars. I decided to use some of my Trefle Matryoshka Doll and accent it with some pink and red dots by Denyse Schmidt's JoAnn line. Here's my finished block:

I posted this on this photo in the SBS flickr group, but it makes me want to eat Danish butter cookies. The kind with the decorative raw sugar on top. They really should make those tins smaller. Does Ikea sell those? And, as a side note, did anybody else drool over their Christmas section last season? Just me? I can live with that.

Below is the first Virginia Star square I made today. I used a left over bow tie block from the Beyond the Sea quilt (I'm still waiting for the Chocolate Kona to come in the mail so I can finish it) and some Buttercup and Aqua kona. I like it a lot, but my flying geese rectangles weren't that great and as a result, the star points aren't particularly pointy. I think I'll work it into the back of the Beyond the Sea quilt.

Here are all my Skill Builder blocks to date:

And the big news is that we've found out where we'll be moving this winter: Annapolis, MD!

We are very excited and I've already found my perfect house (the market isn't bad enough that it would stay un-rented for four more months, is it?). Tom is looking forward to instructing at the Academy and it's a perfect location for visiting both sets of grandparents and lots of friends I haven't seen in too long. 

I think we'll have some celebratory Chinese take-out for dinner tonight!


Sae said...

Ooh celebratory Chinese food sounds awesome! I am really excited that I will be close enough to see you again Liz!! PS, link me to the house, I wanna see ;)

Sae said...

You wil be close enough* ? I guess either one works. <3

Charlotte Mathis said...

I think it is great that Tom will be following in his Dad's footsteps in teaching at the academy. We visited John and Becky there before they had children and John was teaching there. That was when I really felt the "glory" of the navy. It is a special place.