Saturday, July 23, 2011

Skill Builder Sampler

I thought I'd do a post to show all my blocks for the Skill Builder Sampler. If you're just finding out about it it's definitely not too late to start! I know I have learned a lot in only six blocks, and my quilting has improved by leaps and bounds. It's also not very hard, and each block takes 30 minutes to an hour to make. A great little afternoon project.

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July is half square triangles month and we've made the Pinwheels block and the "Arizona", the crazy one with all the triangles and the big center square. I started to dip into my Heather Ross stash because I figure what good is it doing sitting in the closet not being loved and admired by anyone?

The new block instructions are posted on Fridays on Leila's site, Sewn and you can upload your finished block to the Flickr group (or just go and look around!).

On another note, this Godzilla placemat just shot out of my machine! I like it so much I'm going back to Ikea to get more fabric so I can make five more for a full table setting. The great thing about most of Ikea's fabric is that it's machine wash HOT. If I have pet peeves they are baby clothes/bed, bath, and table linens that can only be washed on cold, people who confused tolerance with forced acceptance, and most teenagers.

Maybe I'll post a tutorial later? It was supes quick n' easy.

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quiltzyx said...

I do L.O.V.E. the Godzilla placemat! Fun, fun, fun!!!! I remember back in the way olden days, when I was away at college, sitting in the TV room in my dorm with friends watching "Godzilla vs the Smog Monster"! :D