Friday, July 22, 2011

Purple Quilt

It's finished! As you may know, purple is one of my least favorite colors so this quilt was truly a labor of love. It's being sent to my sister when she gets to her post in Afghanistan for a year long deployment.

When we were younger, Jess always loved unicorns. I think she probably wore out her "The Last Unicorn" VHS, or else she still has it in it's beaten up box. So obviously Heather Ross' unicorn print in purple had to be the center square. I didn't count on the gauziness of the fabric distorting so much as I sewed, so the next time I use that material I'm definitely going to back it with a piece of white cotton for stability.

Here's a shot of the back. The embroidery is based off of the "Sisters" number from White Christmas with Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney. That movie was a staple in our house around Christmas time. Even now it doesn't really seem like Christmas (especially when it's 60 with palm trees outside) until I've watched it.

We would put on our dress up skirts that my mom made us and twirl around the living room singing that song. Man, I can't wait to be possibly moving somewhere where we would have a white Christmas!


Sunni @Love Affair with my Brother said...

Purple is my least favorite color, too! but this turned out lovely. You did a great job.

Lizbeth Brown said...

Thank you! Doing a nine patch helped me learn to measure and cut more diligently so everything would line up.