Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buzz Lightyear quilt top

I bought a yard of some Buzz Lightyear fabric at JoAnns intending to make some sleep pants for Adam. One mom-jean-waisted, jegging-legged mishapen pair later, I gave up. Today I decided to take the scraps and make a quilt. The stacked coin pattern just kind of evolved as I pieced Buzz pieces with snow, peridot, and charcoal kona.

I put it together in an hour and a half and it's about 52"x62" so it will be great when we take the side off his crib and turn it into a toddler bed. And, of course, Adam loves it simply because "Buhss" is all over it.
Now I just have to figure something out for the back. Maybe some charcoal and green stripes?
Adam is eating his lunch of chicken and strawberries. After the first few strawberries bites went to Spencer, she was sent to the other room so Adam could "focus" better. Right now he is woofing at me and sneaking chicken pieces under the door to Spencer on the other side. I'm not sure why he gave himself away. Toddler logic is constantly nonsensical and often profound. You don't break up him and his buddy.

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