Thursday, June 30, 2011


The winners of the IKEA children's fabric giveaway are...

Lee! Her joke was one that has been close to my heart; my husband told it to me when we were dating and I've been stuck on him ever since.

"Science geeks in my house so here is my joke - 
A neutron walks into a bar and orders a drink. He asks the bartender what do I owe you? The bartender responds For you.. No charge!

And the second winner is Sue whose joke was:

"Jack woke up one morning with a hideous hangover & a black eye, and no idea what happened the night before. On the nightstand he found a flower & a lovely note from his wife, saying that his breakfast was ready downstairs & she had gone to the market to buy food to make his favorite dinner that night.
He got up & went downstairs & his son was at the table eating breakfast. He asked his son if he knew what had happened last night.
His son laughed & told him "Dad, when you got home last night you were totally sauced! You tripped over a chair & that's how you got the black eye."
So Jack asked him, "But why did your mom leave me a flower & this nice note upstairs?"
Now, really cracking up, his son says "Well, mom helped you upstairs to bed, and when she started to take your clothes off, you pushed her away and yelled "Stop that! I'm married!"

Thanks to everybody who stopped by and entered! I hope you'll do so again soon.


quiltzyx said...

Thanks Lizbeth!
I'm glad you liked my joke - it's one of my favorites. Gotta love a joke with a "happy ending"! :D

Lee said...

Thanks Liz! It was such a fun giveaway and I am so tickled to have won! have a wonderful weekend!

JuneBug said...

LOVE that second joke! It's great!!!