Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quilting Question

Sometimes when I make my blocks they aren't all the same finished size, so I'll rip out the seams and sew it back together. I never had any problems doing this making clothes, but apparently it's a no-no in quilting. I have gotten quite a few of these little holes over the course of my quilting career. This particular hole is right on the line where the old seam was before I undid it and re-stitched it.

What am I doing wrong?! And how do I fix it?


Barbara said...

It's hard to tell, but it almost looks as if you've cut it with your seam ripper. What kind of fabric are you using? Is it 100% cotton? Is it good quality quilting fabric? You can tell by holding it up to the light and examining the weave.

If you think it's possible that you're cutting it with your seam ripper, I'd suggest reading this tutorial for a safer way to rip out seams.

I really like this method. It's sooooo much easier and faster than the way I've done it in the past.

Also, do you know about this forum? These women and men know everything about quilting!

Hope that helps!

Lizbeth Brown said...

I used Kona cotton for the solid and Heather Bailey for the prints, so I doubt it's the fabric. I'm not sure if I did accidently poke it when I ripped out the stitches; you would think I would notice if I did that. Next time I have to take out a seam, I'm going to do it the way that's shown in that blog you linked to, so thanks for that!