Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Far Far Away III by Heather Ross

I'm so excited because this month Far Far Away III by Heather Ross is being released! There is already a store on etsy that is selling it. I've been trying to collect my favorite pieces from the first two Far Far Away lines and I'm still not sure which pieces of the new line I want. Right now I'm thinking: all of it. Here is the green color story:

I love the little girls playing with the horse figurines! The Snow White print is wicked cute, too, with the dwarves chopping timber and her being woken up by forest critters a several inches away. There is also a yellow/gray color story and a pink/brown one, too. Both beautiful, but the green is my favorite.

In other news, Adam's Grandma sent him a real Buzz Lightyear (and RC, a pair of electric guitar shorts she sewed, AND a couple things I left behind on our last visit [my hairbrush! Yay! Yes, I have been doing my hair for over a month without my hairbrush. Don't ask why I didn't buy a new one. I couldn't tell you.]). Obviously, Buzz never leaves his side. He slept with him last night, and I just put him down for his nap with Buzz. I keep hearing laser sounds and "Off to the Gamma quadrant!".

Yesterday morning he woke me up two hours before he usually does with the most pathetic crying, I knew he wouldn't fall back asleep. I went into his room and he was huddle in the corner of his crib. When he saw me he cried "Buss, Buss!" and pointed to where he had dropped Buzz (a small Happy Meal toy sized one) outside the crib. It was adorable and eye-roll inducing.


erin said...

My grandpa gave me a hand sewn quilt while we were visiting for Cami's room, so now Noah's bed is my first priority (after unpacking the house of course). I REALLY love these fabrics. I can definitely see a couple of them on his quilt. Miss you.

Lizbeth Brown said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. You have such an eye for coordinating colors and prints. We miss you, too! You should definitely look at some of Heather Ross' other stuff. They're a little hard to find, but her style is really beautiful and I can totally see it being something you'd like.