Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinwheel Quilt Top- Work in Progress

If you came from Sew, Mama, Sew!'s Giveaway Day page, my giveaway is here.

I'm this close to finished the top of the Nicey Jane pinwheel quilt. Frankly, the actual quilting bit on this baby kind of scares the crap outta me. BUT it must be done. I wish I could only make quilt tops and then the quilting elves would come at night, make them into sandwiches, quilt, and bind them. I would awaken in the morning, refreshed and, Lo! a beautiful quilt handcrafted with sparkly elfin rainbow blood stains from all their tiny pricked fingers. What do you leave out for elves? Carrots? Cookies? Jars of pennies?

So there's my work in progress this Wednesday. I have to attach the border on this one side and then I can put all my layers together and git to gittin'. I think after this is finished, I may need to take a break from Miss Nicey Jane for a while. In the immortal words of Steve Perry, "When you love a woman you see your world inside her eyes." Or maybe something about letting what you love go... either way...

I'm also about to put my thumb in a baby quilt pie, preferably once pinwheels is either done or mostly done. The fabrics are supah fresh with a tangerine and lime color palette. We've got some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms, Valori Wells Nest, Glenna Hailey's Rise and Shine (which you wouldn't think to put with modern prints like the aforementioned, but you're just gonna hafta trust me), and Henry Glass Bubblegum Basics for a pop of lime. Pictures to come! I pinky promise.

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