Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nicey Jane quilt

Sneak peak of the quilt top I'm working on right now. It started out as simply pinwheels using what Nicey Jane I had left over from other projects, thinking, "I'll just make a bunch of these and then figure something out for them". For some reason they made me think about ferns and so, naturally, that led me to think of one of my very best friends who always said she liked the name Fern. Then, I realized her second anniversary is coming up, and what is the traditional second anniversary gift? Cotton. It was destiny. Fate. It grew. From a handful of pinwheels to a full sized quilt. It's my first "big bed" quilt but it's been a lot more doable than I anticipated! So that's good. I'm already thinking about making one for our bed, perhaps with some of the Modern Meadow fabric? I'm in love with "Flower Fields" in the lake color. Maybe with some nice Kona in Lagoon, Cactus, Mocha, and Peridot. Hm... more on that later.

This weekend I got it all pieced together. Now all that's left is to put a white border all the way around and the top is finished! I have absolutely NO idea how I'm going to quilt the layers together. I have my Janome which is by no means a long-arm. Nothing fancy, just stitching in the ditch. Any tips, please, on how to get a big ol' quilt maneuvered on a normal-sized machine?

I've been working out the back in my head. Should I do a solid color? Go a little fancier and have a pieced strip? Then there's the binding- and I thought I was almost done!


Kristin said...

I quilted a large twin bed quilt with my Janome 3022 (by no means a quilting machine) and used bicycle clips I purchased from the fabric store to keep the quilt rolled and together. It fit just fine through the neck of my machine. I also found that quilting gloves helped me keep my grip on the larger quilt. You're awesome!

Lizzie Brown said...

Thanks Kristin- that's a great idea. I've never heard of quilting gloves. I'll have to check them out!