Monday, May 2, 2011

I used to have this bike, a Huffy Luna. It was $99 at the Sport's Authority in Manchester, NH. And it was awesome. I picked it out because the color was hella cool. It's called "electric celery" or something like that. Turns out it was also a pretty decent bike. The seat was comfortable on long rides, the brakes were spot on, and when I put the seat up all the way it fit me perfectly.

And then I went to college and it was stolen from my back patio. Probably some stupid high schooler. I was legitimately upset. Heartbroken, because I found out soon after that they stopped making and selling these bikes. I was SOL. So I gave up my life as a recreational cyclist.

Four years, a first kiss, engagement ring, deployment, wedding, deployment, birth of Adam, and his first birthday later I want a bike again. We're anticipating a move to Rhode Island (God willing) and I have visions of riding leisurely down the historic streets of Newport with my toddler in a seat behind me, laughing as the wind caresses our faces. I've heard those bike trailers are "better" than a bike seat for kids. But I'm not sure there would be enough space on a narrow, one way street.

So help me out, I'm taking suggestions. I need a good bike. Preferably one that costs less than my washing machine.

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