Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prescription needed?

It's 12:20 AM and I just finished my first quilt, which I started tonight after Adam went to bed. On a whim. Watching American Idol. Just because I was bored. Usually I go on what Tom calls a "cleaning rampage", but seeing as how he has basically not been home for a few days until today, there was nothing to clean.

Plus, I had just happened to have been at JoAnn's when fat quarter bundles were on sale AS was all the batting.

I just realized I didn't wash the batting first. Drat. Quilters, is that bad? I think I was supposed to do that?

It's pretty cute. The right size for a baby quilt and while the colors (orange, yellow and green) are gender neutral the prints are pretty girly. It would make a really pretty blanket for outside playing in the yard.

Do these late night "do something" urges happen to anyone else? 

Better pictures tomorrow, I pinky promise!

As promised:

I cut out 6" squares of seven (I think?) fabrics and arranged them so that there weren't two of the same in any column or row. There are six columns and seven rows. I sewed together the rows, and pressed the seams to the right. Then I sewed together all the columns and pressed the seam down.

Next, I laid the finished top on the batting and cut it, leaving about an inch extra all around. The back I kind of just winged, as I didn't have enough fabric in one piece to cover the whole thing. I pieced together some Snow kona cotton with leftovers of the lemon, kelly green kona cotton, and yellow kona cotton from the front.

I pinned all three pieces (front, batting, back) together at every four-square intersection and sewed across the rows, and then diagonally. Then I trimmed away any extra batting.

Then I cut four 4" strips of white cotton (leftover from another project) the length of the sides plus an inch on each end (so, each stripe was two inches longer than each side). I folded them in half and ironed it, then folded down the edges to the center and pressed it again. Then, with the edges still folded in, I folded the whole thing in half lengthwise and pressed it, this made my binding. I sewed on the binding, tucked in the corners as neatly as I could and voila! Quilt.


An Army Family said...

You know I used to be that way when James was in Korea - and even his first deployment. Scrapbooking, moving around furniture, etc. Now the only thing I get the urge to do is bake - and eat. And sleep. I think the second kid ruined the project motivation gene in me. ;)

JuneBug said...

Niiice! Good job!

I would say that "it depends" on the washing the batting. Actually I have never heard of people washing the batting first. But I do know it's typical to put the batting (if it is cotton) in the dryer first on low to get all the fold lines out.

This video on YouTube does a good job showing a neat way to spray baste a quilt (the basting part starts at about 6 min 40 sec):