Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day

Last Mother's Day I hardly felt like a mother. It had been four months since Adam was born and I was turning 23. He was chubby and happy and watched the world around him with an intensity I can only genetically attribute to Tom when he's playing Xbox. I was back in my pre-baby jeans and Tom bought me a chocolate cake from Sam's Club and a locket into which I put a photo from our wedding day and a sweet baby picture of Adam. It was a good day.

This year I feel more motherly. Today, Adam and I were playing outside at his grandparents', stumbling and rolling into the wet, soft grass. The damp, dark brown soil smearing on our jeans and his knees. It was beautifully warm for New Hampshire in April and Tom and I had just gotten back from (much needed) a few days respite on the coast. Grandpa and Grandma got to have quality time with Adam and we got quality time with each other. It was awesome. We didn't even miss him.

And when I saw him for the first time in three days I was confused. Who was this little boy? As the following hours passed I realized he had, somehow, gotten smarter and bigger and had more hair. My tumble-bumble baby boy was a tumble-bumble toddler. With the dirty knees to prove it.

Suddenly, I felt much more like a mommy. And Mommies get Mother's Day presents. And then Tom asked me what I wanted from Adam this year.

I had run across this article in my May issue of Real Simple. What a genius idea. I don't want stuff from my kid(s). I want memories. So the best gift for any holiday would be a way to remember. As soon as we get back to San Diego I'm hauling myself to Michaels and picking out a big, thick journal for Adam to fill with love. Tom has been given instructions to have Adam fill out a page or two of drawings, a pasted in photo, or whatever he wants for any holiday he might otherwise give me a gift. I am so excited about it!

What's the best mother's day present you've received?


Sae said...

You remind me a lot of your Mom in that picture. :)

erin said...

Great pictures. Love the chucks. I love my thrifted dishes that we found last year for mother's day. :-)