Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gone to Pot

 Today I was talking with my friend, Sarah, trying to think of a small giftish thing to make to use up some fabric I already have and still have it turn out decently. A tote was mentioned, an apron, and finally, pot holders.

I must admit, I never thought I'd be making pot holders. Ever. But it is a nice small project and goodness knows all mine are stained and charred (Once, I thought picking up hot charcoal with my oven mitt would work. It did; my hand was protected but the oven mitt doesn't look so great anymore.).

Here's what you'll need:

18" square of fabric, you can probably get two pot holders out of one fat quarter
18" square of terry cloth, or an old towel (it's not going to show)
bias tape, which I use as binding (or make your own)
the usual sewing utensils (machine, thread, scissors, pins)

The fabric I'm using is Amy Butler's "Daisy Chain"

First you're going to cut two 9" square pieces each of your towel fabric and outer fabric. Layer them so that the right sides of the outer fabric are facing out, sandwiching the terry cloth.

Baste stitch all the layers together. Try to stay as close to the edge as you can but still get all the layers.

Trim and layer the edges. Ah-like so:

Pin your binding around the edges, leaving a 3-4" tail.

Sew all the way around. Continue to the end of the tail.

Loop the tail around and fold the end under. Sew in place.

Did you just spend 15 minutes making a spiffy pot holder? You sure did! Now you just need a cute matching apron and you have the perfect gift for just about anyone (sister-in-law, biffle, person you haven't seen in a year who invited you to their bridal shower, etc.). If you wanted to make it extra special you could take the fabric (before it's sewn) to a shop and have it embroidered with their initials, name, or significant date. Just a thought.

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JuneBug said...

Love it! Thank you... I always wondered what goes in the middle - a towel is a perfect solution!

And... the pips quilt is coming along! I'll post about it eventually :)