Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spoonflower and a fabric giveaway!

Some of you may remember the awesome fabric my friend sent me for my birthday last year. It has Adam on it. I STILL don't know what to do with it! Every time I suggest something (blanket? pair of baby shorts? pillowcase for when he's in a big boy bed?) T claims that it would be "creepy". So part one of this post is that I need your help to think of something totally fab to do with this fabric. I know you can!

She made it at Spoonflower, a custom fabric site. That's right, you can have your own print put on fabric. It's pretty awesome. They also have contests where you select your favorite designs from a theme and the winner is printed. My all time favorite was when the theme was rococo (or late baroque), which is kind of the same idea as a damask, but more ornate.

Ro-co-co and a Bottle of Rum

It's called "Ro-co-co and a bottle of rum" and I'm in love with it. I want to buy some to make curtains for Adam's room, or maybe our room! Or maybe just to hoard a little bit.

Which brings me to the second part of my post: my fabric stash is OOC ("out of control"- I think we used that acronym at camp, but like all camp things, you kind of had to be there to appreciate it) and I need to de-clutter stat. If my fabric tupperware box was a colon, the appendix would have ruptured and leaked nasty poison all over my closet. So I thought I might pass on my fabric to someone who would like it. Some pieces I bought and then forgot what I was going to do with them, some I just kind of lost the mojo for, and some I honestly don't know what I was thinking. But HEY, perhaps you DO know what you're thinking! And perhaps you have lots of mojo and inspiration and haven't have a cold for a week and want to make a little apron, a cafe curtain, doll clothes, pillowcase, quilt squares, coasters or place mats or some such suchery. I've divided them up into little bundles and I'll post one a week for the next several weeks, starting tomorrow. Because I can't find my camera upload cable. Again.

Here are some of my other favorites from Spoonflower:
Roller Derby Girls
Obscure Animals Alphabet
Stained Glass Windows
Retro Daffodils
Leif's Zoo


An Army Family said...

I read something in a magazine a few weeks ago to take baby blankets/sheets and mount them on a ... gosh, I don't know the technical term, but those round brackets used for sewing ... hoops? I think hoops. Anyways wrap the fabric around, hang it on the wall, the end. I'm going to be doing it with some of Owen's bedding if I can't find a home for it.

Sarah said...

To be honest, I guess fabric with your son's face all over it is a bit creepy, no matter what you make with it. But it was just too awesome not to create. hahaha.

Lizzie Brown said...

It IS awesome!