Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Which Adam Discovers Lemons are Not to His Liking

Today Tom helped some of our very dear friends pack up their moving truck. They're headed back to the east coast and we're sad to see them go. Hopefully we'll be following them, reverse Oregon Trail style, within the next year.

While the grown ups were inside packing and lifting heavy things we were in the back yard eating rocks and coloring with bits of chalk.

Just count this as this week's "This Moment" on crack, or lemon juice.

There's a sweet website called A Story Before Bed which lets you purchase and record your voice reading children's books for your kids. If you are in the military and are deploying or are currently deployed they are giving away free books. How awesome would it be to send your kid a special story read by YOU? I think it's a super great idea. Please take advantage of this deal if you're on active duty and if you're not please pass along the word to someone who is.


An Army Family said...

Hahaha Landon LOVED lemon when he was that age. He'd take a bite/suck, make a face, shake it off, then take another bite and so on and so forth. Adam's reaction is probably the more logical one. ;)

Lizzie Brown said...

He also got a lot of the rind, which never really tastes good on any fruit.