Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Very Dirty Secret

We have a new dog, Billy. Billy is a boston terrier. I like him a lot. Our other dog, Spencer, is not so fond of him. She's just an old bitch (aha!). But seriously, she will come around.

Billy and his buddy, Skip.

Billy was given to us by a coworker of my mom's. They were going through some changes and Billy was just another straw on the camel's back. I can understand that; sometimes I wish I didn't have ANY dogs. Anyway, I offered to take him since we had been talking about getting another dog in the future with Spencer getting old and, hey, a free boston terrier? Yes, please. So Billy flew out to San Diego from Tampa yesterday and he seems to be fitting right in with the family (except Spencer). Adam loves having another "toddler" to play with (read: harass incessantly), and Billy snuggles with me and my tinkling glass of pineapple juice/coconut rum in the recliner after Adam goes to bed.

But Billy has a problem. A dirty little secret. Billy's breath smells like poop.

Like wet, halfway diarrhetic, worse than baby poop, poop.

Like poop that was pooped and re-eaten, travelled through the digestive system, and then pooped again.

Probably because that is precisely what happens. Billy is a poop eater, a real doo doo doggie, a "do you kiss your mama with that mouth?" perfect candidate for an Orbit commercial, feces muncher.

Billy trying to get Spencer to play with him.
But hey, he's cute, right?

Anybody want to breed their boston with Billy? Let me know!


erin said...

Seriously, I read this the other night, but stopped right when you started talking about how much his breath smelled like poop. I was eating dinner.

You crack me up Liz.

Lizzie Brown said...

haha- oh I'm sorry Erin! It just smells so horrible; I HAD to vent. Good thing is, giving him a little pineapple in his food keeps him from eating his poop... usually.

erin said...

pineapple?? how'd you figure that out?

Lizzie Brown said...

I looked it up. We have also just started using pills I got at the pet store that are supposed to stop him from eating it.