Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Shared Moment

I rescheduled our flight from New Hampshire to San Diego from Wednesday (when that big storm was in full force) to early Tuesday (just as it was beginning). Adam and I woke up around 2:30 AM, got to Bradley airport around 4:30, returned our rental car and by 5 we were standing in line at Southwest to get our boarding passes.

After going through security, I changed Adam's diaper in the restroom and traded his fleece jammies for real clothes. While I was diapering, I heard gasps coming from one of the stalls. I thought maybe somebody was texting on the potty, which I guess is less tacky than talking on the potty (which I am guilty of, but ONLY with my Mom!). By the time I got to putting on his shirt, the girl had come out of the stall and in my peripheral vision I saw her standing at the mirror, still gasping, but now kind of gasp/giggling. Then I heard, "Excuse me, Miss?" I love that people still call me miss. (Sidenote: I got a pedi while at my parents' and the lady who did it thought I was 18. A little low, but I'll take it over the alternative.)

I turned around and saw a girl a couple years younger than me in a McDonald's uniform, "Yeah?" My manners aren't very good at 5:30AM when I've been awake for three hours with a long day of travel looming over my head. Honestly, it sounded nicer than it looks typed.

She showed me a pregnancy test, "Does this mean I'm pregnant?" There they were: those two magic little lines. One was slightly faded, but definitely there. I decided to play doctor, "Yes. Congratulations!" She gasped again, "Thank you!" as she left. I realized she and I just had a moment. A shared Mommy moment. I remember when I found out I was pregnant; I think I always will. Am I part of her memory now? Forever known as "the girl at the changing table in Bradley airport who helped me read my pregnancy test"?

I hope it was good news for her. Wherever you are, McDonald's girl, I hope everything is well for you and your baby.

Have you ever been a part of a "moment" for someone else?

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