Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Year Checkup

I'm well aware of the fact that this place is littered with pictures of our little mister, but I just can't help myself. First time mom + cute, crazy baby boy = boat load of photos. And I can't just sit on them. I have to share them. So heads up, here's another one.

Nobody ever told me what a paranoid driver I would become with you around. Nobody told me I would be constantly worrying about you and whether I was doing right by you with the parenting choices I make. Nobody told me T and I wouldn't even make it through a movie after a dinner date because we were too tired. It was never effectively communicated to me exactly how much of my stuff would have to be moved into the garage. You're my 25 pound dumbbell, our spot of sunshine; every morning is like Christmas when I get to come pick you up from your crib, smiling at me with your sleepy eyes and blushed cheeks. You're my popsicle-sharer, my medium french fry finisher, our tough guy, bringer of light-heartedness and cheer, de-stresser, stresser, de-stresser, snuggle bunny, my makeshift gym membership, our firstborn. And we love you.

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erin said...

love that photo. Looks like you all are having a good month!