Monday, December 20, 2010

The return of Puppy Adam

Perhaps you remember Puppy Adam? Well, he's upping his game.

We keep Spencer's food in a plastic storage bin, the kind with the handles that lock the lid down, in the kitchen by her bowls. Adam is fascinated with her bowls. He splashes in her water dish and carries around her food dish in his hands (usually) and in his mouth (sometimes, if he's in a rush).

This morning I was making us a tasty ham and asiago cheese omelette to split. Adam was toddling around in the kitchen, opening drawers and stowing his toys in them, then running away roaring (Literally, roaring. Think of the sound a pterodactyl makes; that is what Adam sounds like.) in laughter because, apparently, he is hilarious.

Then I notice: he's chewing on something. What is it? I turn around and he had unhitched the top of Spencer's food bin and she and he were feasting like kings, faces down in the dog food. In his defense the pieces look strikingly similar to those little Gerber finger foods.

My brother used to eat dog food and asphalt, so I'm pretty sure Adam's going to be all right.

He's a devilish little thing.

Update at 13:31
I could hear the kibbles and bits pitter patter on the kitchen floor as I was folding laundry.
Notice how he acts like he was just messing around and NOT going to eat any? Then he nonchalantly leaves with a "Hm!" Which I can only guess means, "What do you know. My hypothesis was correct. Objects always fall towards the ground when not present in a vacuum. I shall call it, 'gravity'."


An Army Family said...

Just one word of advice on this type of situation - if your dog ever picks up an intestinal parasite, kids can pick it up via being licked or otherwise near their drool/mouths. I didn't know this until Cobalt was suspected to have a bug in her gut once, so I just thought I'd pass it along just in case. :)

Lizzie Brown said...

Eww! Well I definitely wouldn't want that to happen, but Spencer has never been sick. When I was a kid and I got a boo boo my Dad would tell me to let the dog lick it because it would help it heal. I don't know if that really works but it made me feel better.

Megan Whitson said...

I ate dog food when I was little too...and playdoh...and sand...and grass. And I turned out alright, maybe not normal, but alright...he'll be fine, because who really wants to be normal anyway?

Miss you and miss your amazingly awesome kid who I've never met :)

An Army Family said...

Yeah generally I let the kids play pretty fast and loose with the dog, too. Although I've been more strict with Owen this time. That and now that Landon can throw his weight around I remind him that one day Cobalt may bite him for hitting her with heavy plastic objects. ;)

The Brownings said...

Oh my gosh that is to funny!