Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Canvases came!

Remember when I mentioned that great deal on a free 8" x 10" canvas printed with your photo or artwork? Mine came in the mail last night! So I thought I'd show you a picture of one of them: it's one of the photos Erin took of our family in September. I put it with the other canvases on display in our bedroom.

All I did was upload my photo and 12 days later here it is! I had to pay $14.99 for shipping, but considering how expensive having your photos printed onto canvas is- it's a steal! The deal is a $55 coupon which you can use to get a free 8x10 (like me), or put towards a larger size (an 11x14 is $9.99, 16x16 is $23.99 and so on). Here's the link if you want to give it a try for yourself. You can pay with a card or through paypal (which I did).

And here's the one I got for T (one of his favorite comics), hanging with his other manly things. See the custom illustration of T as a comic book hero that Adam gave for him for Christmas (by Ben Bishop)? Sweet.


Sarah said...

They look great! I'm glad we went for two. :D

Lizzie Brown said...

Me too!

erin said...

I think I need a canvas photo!