Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Fox

Yesterday I promised a peek at the fox I sewed for Adam's birthday gift. I hate to admit that we've gone from really not having any toys for him to play with to having too many toys. Seriously. They've taken over the living room. I think I'm going to put half of them in a box and stow them, switching them out every so often. Some toys I don't mind laying around the house: his robot, Chester, which T's sister crocheted for Adam before he was born, his bouncy balls, the life-size shark he wrestles with, and his stuffed pug, Skippy, which is his favorite thing.

Sometimes I wish I had done as I intended and bought mostly handcrafted-quality toys, like a nice set of wooden building blocks. Well, I'm starting now! This is his new fox:
Can you think of a good name for him? I was thinking about Logan.

I made him using two pieces of flannel, white for the front and this cute checker print for the back. I used a basic teddy bear pattern you can find here (It's a pdf so it may take a couple minutes to load), and then altered the ears to be pointy and added a tail. It took me about an hour and didn't cost me a penny since I used materials I already had!
Just a tip if you decide to use that pattern which may not be evident to beginning sewers: when you're sewing the front center pieces together, only sew the front of the face and the belly, leaving the legs and the little strip on the top of the head free for when you put the front and back together.


Sarah said...

So what does Adam think of his new fox friend? If it was a girl, I would have said to name it Caroline ^^

Lizzie Brown said...

He laughs at him. So I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult.

erin said...

So cute Liz!