Thursday, December 16, 2010

a few Christmas projects

A Kindle cover for a Batman lover. (I'm thinking about doing a tutorial on this, interested?)

The inside. You can see the elastics that hold the Kindle in place. The front and back pieces are stuffed with cardboard wrapped in packing foam (the kind that you put your dishes in), so give sturdiness and a little extra protection.

(Probably) the first of many button up shirts for Adam. My old machine's button holes looked like poo (literally, like swirls of thread poo), so I've been super excited that my new machine is all fancy and crap and does stuff like that. Notice the lack of button/holes on the shirt? Yeah. I haven't gotten around to it yet. But I bought these cute red, green, yellow, and blue buttons that match the colors in the shirt. It's gonna be pretty face-meltingly cute.

I have a pattern for infant boy's to men's sized button up short sleeve shirts, so probably somewhere down the line there's going to be a father/son thing going on. I just have to find the perfect fabric. Something T will actually consider wearing.

Adam's birthday party was a week ago. We had a few good friends over and kept it low-key. I'm afraid it was boring for the handfuls of Adam's friends who came, but one year olds don't really give a crap about birthdays, even their own. Here he is eating the cake like an ear of corn, or like my friend Brooke would say "A cartoon character eating an apple."

His poop was exactly the shade of green the next day.

If you're looking for a unique gift idea, check out Canvas People. They turn your photo into a canvases sized from 8"x10" all the way to 18"x24". Right now they're having a special; you can receive a FREE 8"x10" canvas made with your photo! All you have to do it pay for the shipping ($15). This is a $55 savings. I just made one with a photo of T and me and I'm going to wrap it and put it under the tree for myself. Thanks Santa! Seriously, I was like, is this for real? And it totally is. So you should check it out because this is free art, people. Free. Art.

Might I suggest a fine print of some of the delicious artwork available free of charge over at Feed Your Soul?


Sarah said...

What did you finally decide on? Or did you? Haha :)

erin said...

Man, I've missed so much! Like the button ups... I'm going to do a photoshoot with Cami & Noah from the holidays. I love their bird clothes. Cami told me all about Adams cake... love that icing shade of green, but not so much thinking of it coming out the other end.