Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy 1st t-reX-mas!

It's a tradition in my family to have an ornament for each new Christmas. My parents would buy us a new one every year so that by the time we became adults, we had enough ornaments to cover our own trees. Tom and I decided to continue that tradition with Adam. However, finding a "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament that lived up to my ever-high expectations is difficult. So I did what I normally do in that circumstance: I made my own.

I bought an 8 pack of white ornaments from Jo Ann's for 50% off and when I got home I took out the puff paints. Puff paints have never disappointed me.

Then I got to work. T's was easy: an x-box 360 controller. On mine I painted a little rose. Adam's was trickier, but T suggested a T-Rex and it immediately clicked. So a T-Rex it was. I even gave him little nubby tyrannosaurus arms and had him roaring, saying, "Happy 1st t-reX-mas!" A perfect first ornament for his collection. Now I just have to prevent him from breaking it for 18+ years. yaaaayyy....

Here are the other ornaments. I put a few Christmas lyrics on the four frosted balls, but I have one of the pearlized ornaments left. I have no idea what to paint on it; what do you think?

The Christmas boxes were also brought out of the garage, ready for action the day after Thanksgiving (another tradition of ours)! When I was growing up in New Hampshire my family used to go with a bunch of other families (T's included) to a Christmas tree farm in Vermont and we'd cut down our own fir, drag it to the path, and a tractor would pick up us and our tree and bring us back to the farm building where they'd tie up the tree and we'd get hot chocolate and candy canes. Then we'd drive home and my dad would get the decorations out of the attic and we'd put on Christmas music and deck the halls and the tree! Those days after Thanksgiving are some of my favorite memories.

I love hearing about other people's traditions; what are some of yours around the holidays?

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