Friday, October 15, 2010

Sweet Melissa

My mom's birthday was last month and I had every intention of sewing her a cool skirt for her new job. Unfortunately, I fail as a daughter. Not only is it October now, but the skirt that I finished  yesterday is the wrong size for her. Great job, Liz.

Thank goodness for the birthday card and family photos I sent her. And that my mom would probably actually have a few pictures of us than an actual gift. She's one of those moms.

Anyway, I decided to put the "Melissa" skirt in my shop. The one I have made has a 28" waist and is ready to be shipped! I love the florals print and the full circle skirt is just the right amount of vintage inspired. A classic piece, for sure. I may have just enough fabric to sew a cute mini out of for myself in this San Diego autumn weather. I really love this style and I hope you do, too!

What colors or prints would you like to see it in for the fall?

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