Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Goals

One of my friends from college does this thing where she posts her goals for the month on her blog. I think it's a great idea for laying out everything you want to accomplish and to be held accountable by making it public. So here's my list for October!

  • Sew Adam some fabric balls with bells in them
  • Sew lederhosen (which I would like to incorporate into my shop; what do you think?) for Adam's Halloween digs
  •  Come up with another boy's option for the shop (a t-shirt with something awesome sewn on?, possibly those lederhosen?)
  • Divide my fabric by projects
  • Figure out a storage solution for all the fabric so it's not spread out on the dining room table (Ikea!) and so we can actually eat there.
  • Make a wreath for the front door (check back for this tutorial!)
  • Finish reading Pagan Christianity
  • Deep clean the bathrooms. We're talking like, hour long cleaning session where I emerge from the bathrooms smelling like Lysol for 3 days
  • Take Adam and Spencer on walks twice a week, for everybody's sake
  • Match bulk batches of lunch options for T. I'm thinking chili, chicken and rice, tomato bisque- anyone have good recipes to share?
It's not very long, but I'm already fighting the urge to procrastinate just looking at it.

What are your goals for October?


An Army Family said...

Not scream at my children. :p

I've got a great recipe for bean-less "steakhouse chili" from Rachael Ray that's awesome. It's basically bacon and beef, with a kick to it (a lot of chili powder).

It's amazing, I've entertained with it and just made it for dinner and everybody including Landon will eat it.

Lizzie Brown said...

That sounds amazing! How did you know Tom hates beans?

An Army Family said...

Haha I didn't, but James won't touch them either. I just usually get low fat or at least low sodium bacon, and always the leanest beef possible to make us feel better about it. It really is amazing, usually when fall sets in we make it once a week.

An Army Family said...

But, a small note ... if you're out of chili powder, don't use cayenne pepper. It doesn't work that way. I don't know how I know that ...

Joy said...

Glad you made a list. I can't wait to see how your wreath turns out!

erin said...

Today I set out 5 pieces of paper and divided out all that I need to do into categories on the different sheets of paper. Its so nice to have it written down. I still have them set out so that if I think of other stuff throughout the day I can write it down.

Lizzie Brown said...

That's a good idea, Erin! I always do better when I write things down.