Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trick or Treat Giveaway!

The winner has been chosen! Click here to see who it was, and for a special treat just for you!

Hey guys, I'm back with another giveaway for you!

This time I'm thinking ahead to Halloween. When I was a kid we loaded pillow cases with the treats of the night and other kids had those plastic buckets or pumpkins. No more, I say!

There is no biological reason why you need to use a pillowcase or a plastic tub for your goodies. Why not a cute and festive tote? Your kids use it year after year, like a Christmas stocking! That is, if you don't steal it for a sweet little Halloween time errand sack.

So I guess it's like, eco-friendly and stuff. Yay!

Here we go, leave a comment including a way I can get in touch with you if you win. I'll pick the winner one week from tomorrow, September 30th. If you win, you get your choice of the above three bags. (I'm also working on a few more masculine ones, so do not fret, mothers of little male monsters! I'll post them soon.) Then I wrap it up and mail it to you in time for your munchkin to fill with candy dressed as Lady Gaga, Snooki, the blue guy from Avatar (I never saw it, wanna fight about it?), or Justin Beiber.

I do declare, the times, they're a-changin'.

And let's face it, that benefits you, Miss "Oh you don't like dark chocolates because you're a child with an unrefined taste palate?" Yeah, you.

Interesting fact: I didn't like Reese's cups as a kid. I know. I was weird.

For every one who doesn't want to bother with the giveaway, I'll be adding these puppies to my etsy store in the immediate future, I'm thinking $14. Sound fair?

Here are some close-ups so you can check out the details.

This one is an orange seersucker lined with black cotton and black cotton straps. It has the signature Love, Lizzie fabric ruffle rose with a sparkly rhinestone in the middle.

This is a black cotton bag with the same fabric for a lining. It has an orange polka dot stripe lined with orange rick rack on both sides.

And contestant #3 is an orange and black fall print cotton (this fabric is heavy-duty, more like a canvas) with a black cotton lining. Simple, with birds and leaves on it. I guess this one is a little less Halloween-y, but I'm thinking about making a couple for myself to use as grocery bags.


Here are the "boys" style bags. Sorry it took me a while; we've been getting over a communal cold in our house and it's put a lot of my projects on hold until today.

And also excuse the lack of fancy editing and cropping. It's too late for that stuff.

Graduated gray cotton background with black skulls. Black cotton lining.

Black cotton lining & exterior. Black cotton band with lime green bats.

Orange cotton bandana fabric with a spider web and spiders alllll over it. Black cotton lining. Probably my fave.

These are a similar size to the "girls" style. The orange one is a little wider because I wanted to show more of the spider web. But they're all in the 11"x14"- 13"x15" range; a standard tote.


An Army Family said...

If they have some kind of Iron Man fabric at the fabric store you go to, I will totally pay you for one of those.

erin said...

i LOVE the last one. What size are they? Maybe I'll dress Cami as a little bird for Halloween. I still have no clue what they are going to be.

Lizzie Brown said...

Oh yeah- I meant to post the dimensions!

The top two are 11" x 16" and the last one is 12" x 15".

Thanks Erin!

The Brownings said...

Following your blog now and saw your ad on PYS. I'd love to win one of these! Such a great giveaway and right in time for Halloween. :)

Deana K said...

Oh! Pick me! Pick me!!
my gmail username is deanakeathley


Joy said...

I love the third one- and yes, I would probably steal it as an errand bag myself too.
my gmail is joymichelleprice

thanks Liz!

Thea said...

Pick me! Pick me! I absolutely love the 1st and 3rd bags! I would give the bag to my niece to use for trick-or-treating and then probably steal it for grocery shopping ;)


PeanutPrincess said...

I would LOVE to win one of the bags!!

Carol Badaracco said...

Oh, Corinne would love the orange and black print!!
And I totally didn't like Reese's p-nut cups either :)

Megan Whitson said...

If I had a child (which we both know will not be happening for another solid 50 years), I would absolutely sign up for your give away and win one of those epic trick-or-treat bags for them. They're awesome :)

Dashana said...


Miss Mommy said...

So cute! I like them all, but maybe the orange seersucker would be fun for fall!


Emily/Miss Mommy

Sae said...

I mean, I wouldn't mind winning one. But I have no children. Sigh. Haha.

scentsational scents said...

the black and orange poka dot is cute
my kids are going as pebbles
and bam bam

Lizzie Brown said...

You know what would be cute? A green bad with black animal spots and a brown bag with black animals spots just like their outfits!

danielle said...

Hey Liz, I would like to enter if it is not to late!!! I love the spider bandana bag!

Lizzie Brown said...

It's not too late!

fromthehipdesigns said...

Hey! BannerCat on Etsy told me about your contest. Awesome! I will try and cross post on Twitter. I followed your blog, would love it if you could stop by mine!

Also - if you have an Etsy shop - add your link to my Etsy shop links page:

If you like "From the Hip Designs" let's connect over twitter and facebook too!



Cheers! Carol

sohamolina said...

These are sooo cute!! Here is my contact info:

@sohamolina on twitter