Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mama Craft Fair!

A while ago I mentioned a Mama Craft Fair beginning in San Diego in affiliation with Baby Go Round, a children's consignment boutique that I looove. They buy and sell, so if you have some toys, clothes, or gear laying around, I suggest you bring it by their shop! You don't even need an appointment.

They also have a healthy stock of halloween costumes right now, so if you don't want to pay full price...

Anyway, their first Mama Craft Fair is today and although I was planning on being there as a vendor, our vacation to the east coast and a cold that has since overshadowed our house like an ominous cloud prevent me from sewing up enough pieces to present.

But if you're in the San Diego area I strongly encourage you to go check it out and support local crafty moms!

San Diego, CA, 92120

11-4PM Sunday, September 26

Have a great Sunday and don't forget about my giveaway!!!


erin said...

did you go? how was it?

Lizzie Brown said...

I did go! There were a LOT of people there, and about 4 vendors. They weren't selling anything that I couldn't make myself, though, and there wasn't much for boys. If they have another one I'm definitely going to set up a table; there weren't any similar items, so I could have the market cornered!