Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Imagination is contagious

When I was a toddler I remember pretending to be a kitty, meowing and rubbing around my mom's legs when she was at the sink. The apple of imagination doesn't fall far...

This is what we call "Puppy Adam". I'm pretty sure he learned it from Spencer, our golden retriever, who likes to bring you things when you come home (for instance, one of Adam's toys that was lying around or a piece of scrap fabric I forgot to clean up, sometimes a rogue sock or stray undergarment that found its way out of the pile). 

He puts stuff in his mouth and then crawls around with it, like a puppy. Occasionally he'll stop, sit up, take whatever it is out of his mouth, inspect it and play with it, and then he'll put it back in his mouth and go about his puppy business. If you're really special he'll even bring it to you, sitting up when he gets to your feet and holding up (in this instance) the coaster in his hand, proudly smiling with his chest puffed out like he's the best son in the world for being so thoughtful.

And he is. He can bring me coasters any day. What a wonderful eight months this has been!

We love you, Puppy Adam. And sleepy Adam, "hangry" Adam, snuggly Adam, cheerful Adam, and all the Adams you've yet to become.

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Jayne said...

I love Adam - such a cutie! I hope our future child is just as thoughtful and brings us coasters. :-P. He's so adorable - what a blessing!