Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adam's Portrait, by etsian Lavatican

I know I showed off the painting I had done of Adam, but I'm just SO impressed with it I wanted to put it here with the original picture I gave to the artist.

By the way, Lauren's very thoughtful and I would highly recommend her if you ever want to have a portrait done. Here's her etsy shop. It's an elegant way to preserve time, and you get a piece of original art for your home! It's the kind of thing that becomes an heirloom. It was also very reasonably priced.

I personally believe a true artist captures not simply likenesses, but emotions and moments in time. The photo I sent her is of Adam sleeping in the quilt Tom's grandmother made for him when he was a baby. It was a special time in his infancy, when he stayed where I put him. Sigh...

For Christmas I'm going to take it to Michael's with my 60% off framing coupon! Merry Christmas to me!


The Brownings said...

Wow. Very impressive!!

Lizzie Brown said...

I know! When I opened it up I was like, "this looks like him!" I don't know why I was expecting it not to, guess I'm a little bit of a cynic.