Friday, August 20, 2010


*I know I don't talk a lot about my faith on here, mostly because that's not really the purpose of this blog, but a lot of the people who read are Christians, so I feel like it's okay if I stray for just one post.*

So, I've been reading this book, Pagan Christianity (a book called "the most controversial book by those who've never read it") by Frank Viola and I'm really enjoying it. It's about how a lot of the practices of the church, the church building, and a lot of things that go along with "going to church" were actually borrowed from pagan practices and ideas. Basically, it's a lot of stuff that I never thought about until T and I got married.

We could never find a "church" that we both felt comfortable in. He likes young groups, I like a lot of age diversity. I couldn't care less about the music, he is very particular. And since both of us grew up "going to church" and "in the church" we are very critical of teachers, pastors and their messages. Which is a good thing, but normally churches don't like it when you stand up in the middle of a sermon and point out that a pastor is proof texting or that his last comment about Jews was borderline offensive.

Eventually we thought (after not searching very hard), "Why do we have to go to church? Aren't we the church? Aren't we priests?" So we stopped going to church. We stopped tithing to a church building. We found a weekly bible study, essentially an organic house church, and we go when we can, and sometimes we can but we take a break. Because that's okay.

A couple weeks ago my dad suggested Pagan Christianity to me and it was a lightning bolt.

Anyway, all this is to say that I want you to know this book is out there. I'm not asking you to read it, because some of your are predisposed to hating it. I'm just letting you know it's there like the little cake that says "eat me", in case you want to see things differently. In case you wonder if the church is what it's supposed to be.

Here's the book's website.


I'm almost done with a cute new skirt. I'll post pictures after the weekend! The dining room table is currently covered in maroon and gold paper airplanes for a party (for a pilot) I'm doing the centerpieces for. I'll post pics of those when they're done, too. Hopefully everything will be up by Monday, but if not you'll just have to get over it.

***Update on the update:***
Here is the almost finished "Kathleen". I have plenty of this fabric left if you want it exactly as shown! My favorite part is the rhinestone in the middle of the rose. The yellow sash ties into a bow in the back. The waistband is elastic. I'll update the update on the update when it's finished. Yeah, I went there.

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