Friday, July 2, 2010

I wanna know

Not "what love is".

I wanna know how Mommies find babysitters.

Before Bugger came along, the Handsome One and I went out whenever we wanted. We still go out with Adam but it's not the relaxing one-on-one time that I was so used to having. The idea of an unfamiliar, texting, angsty, hormonally charged teenage girl watching Bug, I'll admit, does not sound very promising. We have some in-laws in the area but I don't want them to feel cornered into babysittery simply because they're around. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

On the dress front, I dug one out of my closet that I haven't worn yet, but I also just got a pattern in the mail that I used to have and lost. I'm going to make a green taffeta version of a sweetheart neckline, full skirted cocktail length dress, kind of like this:
But if it turns out crappy at least I have a backup!

Also, if you haven't seen Toy Story 3, you really should. You know how Pixar makes great kids movies but they're still fun for adults? Yes. I started crying twice. Darn you, weaning hormones.


An Army Family said...

Teenagers don't watch my kid - I'm surprised parents ever let me watch theirs when I was younger.

Usually, we switch off with other parents that we know, both with time & not having to pay. Makes everybody happy, especially the kids since it's not being stuck with a babysitter, it's getting to play with their little friends while mommy & daddy go out (not an issue for you now, I know, but will be soon). Key to that is finding people who parent similar to you, or that you're at least comfortable with how they deal with their own kids, so that you trust them. But it's a lot easier to examine somebody with their own kids than guess how a teenager will treat yours when you're not around.

Lizzie Brown said...

That's a really good point. I think I'd be much more comfortable with someone who is a parent, relatives being the exception.

erin said...

I told you about the little 14 y.o. who watched Cami & Noah while we were at my cousin's wedding? Made Cami cry, ugh. Chris is like, that's why we never use someone. Our awesome babysitter is going back to college this week, but I've gotten the name of a couple kids from a girl I met up with a playdate. She & her hubby are on intervarsity staff, so these are all Christian kids, who actually watch their kids & who also drive. I used to switch off with people (esp. Aimee), but if its at night, its more of a hassle to me cause I'd rather the kids just sleep in their bed.

A. R. Campbell said...

I'm 30 years old and babysit for people all the time. This is because I'm a woman who loves kids and doesn't have any. I like to borrow other people's kids for a few hours (and sometimes even get paid for it). Seriously, find people in the church who don't have kids who like kids. I assure you, there are people like this in just about every medium-to-large-sized church. I'm sitting fairly regularly for about 3-4 families at Wake Cross Roads right now. Maybe I'm weird, but I'm sure there are other non-teenaged people like me out there who enjoy taking care of other people's kids.