Friday, July 30, 2010


We were crazy kids. Before we knew each other we were individual fit-ins on campus. After living together one semester it seemed like everybody knew if one or two was missing from our group when we walked around school.

We are all in such different places than we were. And I miss them. They're irreplaceable.

The hilarious, gassy, melodious, and dark, rich beauty of Brooke. The Danny De Vito to my Arnold Schwarzenegger. So many times you made us smile, join in with you, and laugh so hard our faces hurt.

The "brooding" (just to keep away everyone who wasn't worthy to be her friend) creative poet artist, Sae, with her timeless face that doesn't need a single swipe of makeup, and her insanely awesome handmade everything (paintings, photos, photo shop, crochet, plushies, buttons, print, everything).

And Caroline. The fiery animal-lover yoga bombshell who promised to raise my hypothetical children if I couldn't handle them. And the only one of us who actually graduated from our college (so far)! When the other three of us was poking fun at someone, Caroline would be the one to call them precious and make us feel like douche bags.

I could really go for a lunch date with you guys right now, even if we have to skip out on class, I mean work, I mean baby, I mean yoga, I mean website design.


And Caroline- get married so we all have an excuse to get together.

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