Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Silhouette Tutorial

You know what bugs me? When people say, "I can't paint," "I'm not artistic," "I wish I could draw." Guess what? You're wrong.

Here's a secret: Half of my paintings are traced. Yep. I print out a picture, trace it, and color it in like a kindergartner with apple slices for snack time and a little note my Mom tucked in my tin Keroppi lunchbox.

Here's a sweet project that you can take total bragging rights for, but will only cost you about $7 and half an hour of your kid's nap time

These sell on Etsy for around $50 for a print that someone else makes on their computer and $75 for a painting. I say, make your own and go shopping at Marshall's with the difference!

What you need:
Canvas, I used a flat 8" x 10" panel (if you get one that's on wooden stretchers it won't fit in a picture frame)
Paint, I use acrylics
Fine and wide-tipped paint brushes
Palette, or a plate
First, take photos of your family members, individually, from the side. Make sure you get a really defined profile shot. You can print these out at the size you want, but I just uploaded them onto my computer and traced them on the screen onto a piece of white printer paper. Make sure to size your heads so that they are proportionate.

Cut out the heads (don't forget to add eyelashes and any extra features, i.e.: curls/wisps of hair), arrange them on your canvas the way you want, and trace them onto the canvas.

If you're going to paint your background, do that first. Remember that you'll probably need two or three coats of paint so get a nice, solid color. I went with a yellow and blue color scheme.

Paint those heads! Be extra careful not to go over the line with a darker color into a light color area. Lighter colors out of the lines into darker colors can be painted over.

Let it dry in between coats.

I added our name, initials and the year, but you could just as well leave it plain for a clean, simple look.

Now go to Marshall's, pick out a kickass frame from the kickass clearance aisle and hang it up somewhere you can enjoy it all the time, you kickass artist, you!

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Sae said...

Liz, I love it!!!! I want to make one now. You are always encouraging me to be more crafty and you probably don't even know it.