Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bug's Six Month Birthday

It's really hard to believe half a year has gone by since Bugger joined our family in the flesh. For a six month old, he's pretty awesome. He's taught us a lot about ourselves, about who we should be and how to live more patiently and happily and all that blahdy typical gushy parent stuff, but mostly he just rocks our socks off and makes us laugh. If you haven't had a chance to meet him, I'm sorry for you, because he's probably going to grow up and change the whole friggin' world, and I'm not talking Anti-Christ style (because he's part Jewish, so he can't be the anti-Christ).

To celebrate I am going to make cupcakes which he cannot eat. Yay! I'm such a good mom. Maybe he can have some banana. The last time I gave him banana his poo the next day looked like a little swirly pile of banana frosting with the little black seeds in it. It was cute, and smelled bad. I would like to know how he makes his poops swirly, but I guess that's one of those baby mysteries and we'll just have to wait and ask Jesus when we get to heaven.

And in case you missed it on facebook, here is his three to six month video! WOO! I did it on time!

Coming up soon, I'll show you how to make a sweet silhouette to show off the lovelies in your life. It's pretty easy and you probably don't need me to show it to you but I'm going to anyway, mostly to brag about the one I'm making.

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Joy said...

this is such a fun video. Did it take you long to make?