Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Books pt. 3

And now for the moment you've not been waiting for: the baby book I chose. I know you've been on the edge of your seat all weekend, so I'll just get to gettin'.

Remember Eric Carle? I mean.
This sucker has all the information that I wanted to remember; from family trees for Mom and Dad, How My Parents Met, measurements for each stage in the first two years, first foods, favorite books and songs, first words and just the right amount more. And the parent/baby animal drawings are cute, without being cutesy.
And I have a new word to add to the list! Yesterday I was speaking to Spencer (our dog) with Adam on my lap and Bubbeh on the phone and Adam just calmly says, "Spencer" like it's no big friggin' deal. The phone went quiet and then my mom asked, "Did he just say 'Spencer'?"

"Yeah, I think he did!"

Commence gushing about how smart Bugger is, which leads into gushing about how cute he is, which flows into gushing about how happy he is and what a great personality he has. Bubbeh is a huge enabler when it comes to Adam.

I became the mom I never thought I'd be. The "my kid is the cutest thing in the whole world" mom. I try to keep it in check.

Feel free to call me out.

Did I tell you guys that I got each of these books off of Amazon for $4 or less each because they were considered "used"? So I spent $20 total on three books when, normally, one costs that much. And I have two extras to give as gifts or save for #2.

Who is not even a twinkle at this point.


An Army Family said...

Haha be careful about mentioning #2, I mean Adam is more than a month old so people are going to assume you want another one. ;) Just like this one's barely lost his umbilical cord stump and people are wondering when we're going to try for a girl. Ahem, we're not.

Sae said...

Liz, no one needs to keep your Baby-Love in check. He's your child, you have the right to gush about him anywhere, everywhere, all the time. If people don't like it, it's THEIR problem. Be fearless with your gushing, girl.