Monday, June 21, 2010

Yoga Newbie

I am hyper mobile. Since childhood I have been super flexible (remember the sit and reach in fitness testing? I rocked that.) and can hyper extend several of my joints. On the swing set in grade school I remember sometimes when I was pumping my leg bones would pop out of the hip socket and I'd just be stuck there, swinging in the air with my legs straight out, until they slid back in. Luckily, that never took very long.

If you've seen me do the trick where I put my palm on a table and twist my arm around 360 degrees without lifting my hand you know what I'm talking about.

It's interesting, a little gross, and kids love it, but it's not so great for yoga.

I went to my first class on Thursday and everything was going well until we pushed up into our first cobra from chatarunga, which is like a plank push-up position.

We're supposed to have our eyes closed and the instructor had this oriental wind chime music playing as she talked us through the stretches. I thought I had been doing pretty well until she paused and said, "And if you find that your arms are hyper extending, make sure that you keep your elbows slightly bent out."

I looked ahead at the mirror, saw that my elbows were touching my ribs while my hands were a yard apart and I looked like the freakin' Grudge lady, Kayako, as she walks? falls? crawls? down the stairs. So I popped my elbows out and hoped nobody else noticed.

First day and I'm already getting in trouble.

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