Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our vacation was GREAT. We're so blessed to be able to visit family and relax for a week. Adam loved swinging with Bubbie on the porch. T loved hanging out, riding motorcycles and tossin' back some beeyahs ("beers" in Massachusetts). And I, I loved going on TWO, yes two in one week!, fabulous dates with my studly hubby.

But we had to come back and now Spencer is here with us! Bug watches her when she's walking around the room and she gives him Good Morning kisses. It's so cute.

My brain has started thinking about upcoming events. We have T's brother's wedding in September and I still don't have a dress. I found the perfect one but luck is not being a lady with me.

1. the pattern was $70 (ew)
and 2. the pattern is sold out

So I'm up a creek without a paddle. Any ideas on where to get a dress like this (the one on the right, I don't care for the loin ruffles), or where to have one made? I have a couple people who could sew it for me, but they would need a pattern (I would sew it myself but I'm being realistic about my time and motivation). Because being realistic is half the battle!


An Army Family said...

Keep an eye on the department stores with 4th of July coming up - a lot of them will have huge sales. Don't know if they'll have exactly what you're looking for, but even something that's not perfect looks a lot more appealing when it's only $20-$40 on a holiday clearance.

Lizzie Brown said...

I posted an alchemy ad on etsy and it turns out people have this pattern and will make it for me! Yay! So now I just have to figure out what my measurements will be in three months.