Friday, June 18, 2010

My baby is addicted to Photo Booth

We've started weaning Bug onto formula for multiple reasons and soon we'll be trying solids. He's going through this ridiculous growth spurt, showing me a boatload of new tricks he's taught himself in the past week.

It's breaking my heart a little bit how much he's growing up. I can't believe he's almost 6 months old! Yesterday I was holding him and feeding him his bottle and he looked at me, grasped the bottle with both hands, twisted it away and smiled with his eyes at me while he fed himself. I'm glad he's so smart and strong and healthy, and I'm glad he's learning to do things for himself, and most of me is happy that I'm finally getting a break, but a tiny part of me wants him to need me still.
I never really understood what it is like to be a mom until recently, when I was thinking about how much I love my mom and what she means to me and I realized that now I am that person for Bugger. It's such a huge blessing.

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erin said...

I think being a mom is the most amazing gift ever! Noah was fully on formula by 6 mos. It just worked out that way with him.