Thursday, June 10, 2010

I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness.


I am doing this.

I am getting my body back.

Back from whim-eating, baby-having, couch-nursing, not-sleeping, no energy, lazy assing, and excuse making.

It's happening. Today I joined the gym down the hill from our house and then I went and THEN I. worked. out.

Why? Because I have a husband and I have pride; both of them like it when I look like an A-1.

To motivate myself I have posted my body measurements to the right. Nothing motivates like public embarrassment.

I am going to OWN that dress at T's brother's wedding. Own it!*

*and by "own it" I mean that in addition to wearing it, I will look hella hott in it.

See? I wrote a post about it, so now I have to follow through. This is all part of my plan to coerce myself. I'm manipulative and tricky like that.


erin said...

I love this Liz! Way to go. :-) I seriously must be thinking along the same lines as you. And yes, you will OWN that dress, for sure!

Lizzie Brown said...

Haha! What are you talking about Mrs. I-actually-jog-with-my-jogging-stroller?

michlez said...

good luck, liz :) you can do it! I keep forgetting to comment..but I've been enjoying your blog posts lately.